Smartphone Physics Challenge
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Any smartpone contains multiple sensors that  allow to measure multiple values such as light intensity, magnetic field, acceleration. Together with some physics and math knowledge this data can be used to conduct some unconventional experiments, such as finding all the ways to measure the height of the building using a smartphone. La Physique Autrement thoroughly researched this question and found 61 methods, and there might be more to come.
Smartphone Physics Challenge is a project imagined by Giovanni Organtini (Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy) and Frédéric Bouquet (La Physique Autrement, Paris-Saclay University) and brought to life by La Physique Autrement team. My role consisted of art direction of the project, graphic design and illustration. 

On the website of the project you can find illustrated instructions for each method that can be used in various contexts: teaching, science museum, science class project etc.

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